The Academics bubble works to provide both the Honors community and non-Honors community with events and programs to strengthen the academic investment students are making on campus. In 2015, we initiated an annual REDTalks event to create a collaborative environment between Professors and Students by allowing Professors to speak on a topic of their choice. We also host Trivia Nights and other smaller projects throughout the school year to provide fun, academic outlets for any student to come and take part in! Our bubble makes it a goal to advocate for the academic wellbeing of Honors students be it through enhancing the success of advising or offering insight into the academic experiences of the voices we represent. Most of the events Academics sponsors are non-profit due to the mission of our Bubble, however, any and all money we bring in goes directly toward our philanthropy, Camp Quality Kentuckiana.

Danielle Graves

Position: Academics VP

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: I once found a 1960’s era pistol in the creek behind my house.


Danyal Bhutto

Position: Academics Chair

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: Recipient of the most likely to not follow orders award.

Ajit Deshpande

Position: Academics Chair

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: I can juggle.

Hannah Figg

Position: Academics Chair


Fun Fact:

John Hinely

Position: Academics Chair

Major: Chemistry

Fun Fact: I was the last person to submit my fun fact.