Luke Buckman

Position: Advisor

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Higher Education Administration

Fun Fact: Pies > cake. Capybaras are pals.

Contact: luke.buckman@louisville.edu

Olivia Sailor

Position: Advisor

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Advising

Fun Fact: I chased some waterfalls in Iceland once.

Contact: olivia.sailor@louisville.edu

Noah Smith

Position: Executive President

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Major: Cultural Anthropology

Fun Fact: Drunkenly sang karaoke to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” at my mother’s 50th birthday party.

Contact: nssmit06@louisville.edu

Elizabeth Pena

Position: Executive Vice President

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

Major: Communications

Fun Fact: I ate a camel burger in Morocco and then rode a camel a week later.

Contact: eypena01@louisville.edu

Emma Radulski

Position: Secretary

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Women’s and Gender Studies & Sociology

Fun Fact: I met the love of my life/drag mom Jinkx Monsoon on March 10, 2017. It’s all been downhill after that.

Contact: ecradu01@louisville.edu

Bayne Lutz

Position: Social Media Secretary

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Majors: English & Information Science

Minor: Sociology & Communication.

Fun Fact: I once vomited while dressed as Abraham Lincoln. I continue to blame a bad grilled cheese for this debacle.

Contact: bmlutz01@louisville.edu

Emily Moore

Position: Treasurer

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I live with two other girls named Emily and I’m really bad at fun facts.

Contact: eamoor04@louisville.edu

Alex Michalak

Position: Graphic Designer

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Psychology/Pre-Law

Fun Fact: I can recite every spot on the Monopoly game board including each property rent!

Contact: ammich04@louisville.edu