There are many different ways to get involved with Honors Student Council!

  • Give back to the community by working with the Honors Volunteers Program, the service component of Honors Student Council.
  • Read the The Current! The Current is the newsletter sent out monthly for the students and their families, professors, and advisors who work with the Honors Program. More information on the The Current can be found here.
  • Follow us on all of our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for notifications about our events, photos, and plain ‘ole exciting content.
  • Attend academic and social events sponsored by Honors Student Council. Academic events range from annual Trivia Nights to monthly academic lectures. Social events include picnics, volleyball tournaments, and fun gatherings around Louisville.
  • Come to Honors Student Council general meetings, where all Honors students are welcome to learn more about the Council, its events, and connect with each other. You can voice your questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement of the Honors Program and get direct feedback from Council members and academic advisors.
  • Become a part of the Council! Applications to become a Council member go out in the spring semester. The President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Presidents are elected by the Honors student population, and the chair positions are appointed by the Honors Student Council faculty advisor and executives-elect.