The Social bubble’s mission is to plan events throughout the year to allow more interactions between all Honors Students. Our events are both small scale and large scale and vary each year. We strive to plan events that are unique and inviting to all students.


Bayne Lutz

Position: Social VP

Major: English

Fun Fact: In 2015, I listened to upwards of 44,000 minutes of music on Spotify. This will only increase in 2016.

Ben Anderson

Position: Social Chair

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: I can dunk on an eight-foot rim.

Natalie Bonura

Position: Social Chair

Major: Business Marketing 

Fun Fact: I want to try every coffee shop in Louisville by the end of my senior year.

Marie Burns

Position: Social Chair

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: I have a pet hedgehog.

Emily Moore

Position: Social Chair


Fun Fact: